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Small business payroll for contractors and employees

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Generate pay stubs, W2s, and 1099s
Budget friendly
Quick setup

Paystubs respects your time, and your budget

Quick onboarding and account setup

Nobody likes doing taxes, so we made it as fast and simple as possible

  • A few steps and a couple of questions away from setting up your account
  • No complicated details required to create an account, just the basics

Create and save employees and contractors

It’s tedious to refill the same details everytime you want to create proof of payment. Not with Paystubs.

  • Easily create and manage team members
  • Never lose a paystub. View each team member’s document inside their profile
  • Payroll documents have never been this organized

Create pay stubs for saved employees and contractors with a click

Payroll has never been easier.

  • Fill a few numbers, and download the paystubs
  • History saved, never lose a document

A platform that actually understands what it means to run a business

PayStubs is your go-to, budget-friendly payroll friend. Our platform handles tax calculations, hourly and salaried payments, and stores all your payroll history in one super accessible spot. 

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How is Paystubs different from other online payroll solutions?

Paystubs focuses exclusively on the needs of small business owners with a small number of employees or contractors. Paystubs prioritizes simplicity and convenience, only offering the tools and functionality that small business owners actually need. Our focus on efficiency and ease of use sets us apart from other online payroll solutions.

How much does PayStubs cost?

The cost of PayStubs depends on the number of employees and other factors. Check out the pricing page for more info.

How do I get started with PayStubs?

Getting started with PayStubs is easy - just sign up for an account and start using the platform.

Does PayStubs support multiple employees and contractors?

Absolutely! PayStubs supports multiple employees and contractors, so it's great for growing businesses.