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Manage your payroll on the go, whether you are paying employees, contractors, or both.


$29.99 / mo.
Up to 2 employees/contractors


$69.99 / mo.
Up to 15 employees/contractors
  • Unlimited contractor and employee paystubs
  • Easy employee and contractor management
  • Federal, state, and local payroll tax calculations across 50 states
  • Manage benefits, garnishments, and post-tax deductions
  • Employer payroll tax calculation
  • 1099 and W2 Forms auto-generated
  • Dedicated support team

Contractors Only

Get started for free
  • Unlimited contractor paystubs
  • 1099-NEC auto-generated by the end of each year
  • All your documents safe and organized in one place
  • Dedicated support team
  • Cancel anytime, no commitment
  • No hidden fees

Employees and Contractors

+$4/team member/month
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Everything in Contractors plus:
  • Unlimited employee paystubs
  • Federal, state, and local payroll tax calculations across 50 states
  • Easy employees management
  • Manage benefits, garnishments, and post-tax deductions
  • W2 Forms auto-generated by the end of each ear
  • Employer payroll tax calculation


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Five Reasons to Pick PayStubs

Effortless Payroll Processing

With PayStubs, you can streamline your payroll process and say goodbye to manual calculations and data entry. Our platform calculates taxes, supports hourly and salaried payments, and stores all payroll history in one place.

Simplify Employee and Contractor Management

PayStubs makes employee and contractor management a breeze. With our simple solution, you can create pay stubs, stay organized, and protect sensitive payroll information with secure data storage. Manage remote team members easily with multiple work location support.

Automated Tax Calculations

Stay compliant and worry-free with PayStubs' automated tax calculations. Our platform accurately calculates federal, state, and local taxes and is validated by professional accountants. Compliance is made simple with automatic calculations, so you can focus on running your business.

Flexible Payment Options

PayStubs offers flexible payment options supporting fixed and hourly employee payments. Our platform features customizable payment options to give employees the flexibility they need to succeed.

Dedicated Support

PayStubs' team is there to help you every step of the way, with 24x7 in-app support, live chat, phone support, and email. Get reminders for when to run the next employee payroll and access a full report of taxes paid by your business and employees.

Any questions?

Check out frequently asked questions. If you don't find an answer, we're an email away. Drop us a line and the right person will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are there any additional charges or hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees. After your free trial period ends, and if you don’t cancel your subscription, we will charge you the amount based on the subscription plan to choose with no extra fees.

Does PayStubs handle federal, state, and local tax calculations for the employee and contractor payrolls?

PayStubs handles federal, state, and local tax calculations for employee and contractor payrolls.

Does PayStubs provide employee benefits management, and if so, what kind of benefits are included?

PayStubs provides employee benefits management, but the benefits included may vary depending on the plan chosen.

Does PayStubs handle garnishments for employee payrolls, and if so, what is the process for handling these deductions?

Yes, we do. When you add an employee, you can add and customize garnishments. Paystubs will automatically deduct the employee’s garnishments amount each time you run their payroll until it reaches the yearly limit (if specified).

What kind of customer service does PayStubs offer, and what are the hours of operation for customer support?

PayStubs has a dedicated customer support team that's available 24x7 to assist you with any questions or issues. Our support is accessible through our support page, live chat, phone, or email.

Can customers cancel their PayStubs account at any time, and if so, what is the process for canceling the account?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting your billing center and clicking “cancel subscription.” You will not be able to use the payroll features but will continue to have access to your payroll history documents.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my PayStubs plan at any time?

Yes, you can visit your billing center to manage your subscription plan at any time. 

Do I have to sign a long-term contract with PayStubs?

No, you can cancel at any time.

What if my number of employees or contractors changes while using PayStubs?

You can easily add new employees at any time. If an employee has been dismissed, you can deactivate them on your account. You won't be charged a monthly fee for them anymore, but you will still have access to their document history.

Time saving
"Honestly, I wish I had this software years ago. The time it used to take me to calculate and run payroll is crazy. Best decision I've ever made!"
Lucy J. King,
Seattle, Washington
Doggy daycare owner
"It took 20 minutes from me to get set for running payroll. Followed the easy instructions along the way and got help from the support team when needed. Exactly what I need for my business now!"
Gerald K. Hindman,
San Diego, California
Home renovation contractor
"I can speak to a real human when I contact their support, it was all bots with my previous software. Finding a payroll software that offers reliable support has been crucial for me."
Francisca Saiz,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mobile hairdresser
Tax deductions
PayStubs have been a game-changer for me. It's super easy to use, the interface is simple, and I had no trouble setting it up. It takes care of all the payroll stuff, like calculations and tax deductions, so I don't have to worry about messing up the numbers. It even generates payslips for my employees, which saves me a ton of time.
Walter Gomez,
Denver, Colorado
Trucker mechanic
Time saving
I opened my shop last year and I was worried about the tax season. Finding PayStubs has been a relief. It's straightforward to use, and I can easily handle all the necessary tax paperwork. The software accurately calculates deductions and generates the required reports, saving me a lot of time and stress.
Duane Bragg,
Atlanta, Georgia
Barbershop owner

PayStubs at work for customers

Our simple and intuitive solution saves you administrative time while guaranteeing that key calculations, withholdings, and full payment records are accurate. While our focus is payroll, we also provide our users with a suite of tools to make managing every part of employee payroll easy.