Automate payroll calculations, lead a compliant business

Built for a business owner, not a payroll expert.

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"Setting up my payroll with allowed me to catch a deductions mistake that could have cost me a fortune! Special thanks to Stephen from customer support for helping me correct 3 months of back-dated payroll!"

Gina McDonald | Bright Cleaning

Automated payroll calculations

Calculate payroll taxes with confidence. No surprises and anxiety during tax season.

We keep track of changing tax laws tomate your payroll calculations for 100% accuracy. No room for mistakes.

Cut down on payroll cost with  fair pricing.

Fixed monthly pricing for your team size, no hidden fees. Perfect for a small business.

Only features you need,  
no extras.

Don't pay for features you'll never use. A simple software with just the essentials.

Easy self-guided  account set up

30 min account set up, compared to weeks with other software. It's your choice to set up on your own, or ask for help when needed.

"30% of taxes collected by the federal government in 2021 were payroll taxes"

Automate your payroll, avoid expensive mistakes

Operate like a professional business: employee access to pay stubs and tax forms

Share proof of payment with your employees every pay date.

When it's tax season, your employees' W2 and 1099-NECs will be ready for you.

Lead a compliant business

Small business industries have different payroll needs

Home Healthcare
Cleaning and Janitorial
Trucking & Transport
Restaurants & Cafes
Gym & Fitness

Want a custom feature? team will make it happen. For free.

We constantly customize our payroll software features for our customers with no extra charge. We know how it is.


Say Goodbye to Manual Payroll Processing

Get a cost-effective payroll solution with PayStubs that calculates taxes, supports hourly and salaried payment calculations, and stores all payroll history in one place

Effortless Employee and Contractor Management

Streamline your payroll and contractor management with PayStubs' simple solution

  • Create pay stubs as proof of payment effortlessly
  • Stay organized with reminders and notifications for contractor management
  • Protect sensitive payroll information with secure data storage
  • Manage remote team members easily with multiple work location support

Automated Tax Calculations

Stay compliant with ease as PayStubs calculates taxes into payroll

  • Accurate calculations validated by professional accountants
  • Federal, state, and local taxes are automatically calculated
  • Compliance is made simple with automatic calculations

Flexible Payment Options

Streamline your payroll and contractor management with PayStubs' simple solution

  • Offers flexible payment options, supporting both fixed and hourly employee payments
  • Features customizable payment options to give employees the flexibility they need.

Over 3,700 small businesses already love PayStubs

Time saving
"Honestly, I wish I had this software years ago. The time it used to take me to calculate and run payroll is crazy. Best decision I've ever made!"
Lucy J. King,
Seattle, Washington
Doggy daycare owner
"It took 20 minutes from me to get set for running payroll. Followed the easy instructions along the way and got help from the support team when needed. Exactly what I need for my business now!"
Gerald K. Hindman,
San Diego, California
Home renovation contractor
"I can speak to a real human when I contact their support, it was all bots with my previous software. Finding a payroll software that offers reliable support has been crucial for me."
Francisca Saiz,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mobile hairdresser
Security comes first

Your business data is secure with us.

Payroll information is highly sensitive

  • All payroll details safely stored in one place. You'll never lose anything.
  • Your data is securely handled and stored with SHA-256 RSA encryption.
  • Our technical team is always available to resolve issues on the spot.